January 15, 2007

chips with everything

From the nicely deniable source of an advisory group comes a proposal for firms to be able to trade fat credits in for less regulation. How? Running the fat credits would in itself create a huge chunk of regulation, and by having them tradable you could easily end up with the unscrupulous buying chunks so as to be able to use them as a get out of jail free card for extremely hazardous practices. It is a haft baked (or perhaps fried) idea that can only come to nothing.

If I am right and Cameron's current policy free existence is mainly about goading his opponents could this simply be him seeing how far he can push them before everybody comes to realise he is taking the piss?

Fat credits are just ridiculous, but so was the Boy King's call for some kind of social National Service for people leaving school. A ludicrous idea that then got endorsed by Charles Kennedy as something the Lib-Dems had already been looking at (how much had he had to drink before that statement I wonder?), and was again picked up by Rob Williams in the Guardian in glowing terms. Maybe we going to see this lard trading scheme be taken up in the same way.


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